Payment Options

Seaman – Blanke Funeral Service has expanded its payment options to include:     Cash or Check Payment, Insurance Assignment, Credit Card, Bank Financing and Funeral Loan Financing.

By offering the different payment options, we believe we can meet the varied financial needs of the families that we serve. We have listed below the at-need payment options and terms of funeral expenses.

At Need Funeral Expenses.

Cash or Check Payment:
Payment of the total expenses by check or cash at the time of the funeral arrangement conference.  

Funeral Loan Finance:
Programs for most all types of credit histories. If you've been declined in the past by other finance company's Funeral Loan Finance may still be able to approve your loan request. They can also try processing your loan with a co-signer if needed. Interest rate will vary based on your credit history. Clients with good credit ratings qualify for low interest rates and you may qualify for a rebate on the interest you have paid.
Apply Today: click the link below to go to the loan application.

Pre-Funded Funeral Accounts:
Payment of the funeral expenses selected before need with funds per-paid and placed in an irrevocable funeral plan that names Seaman – Blanke Funeral Service as the Trustee, Beneficiary or Assignee of the funds.

Insurance Assignment:
Assignment of a valid insurance policy to Seaman – Blanke Funeral Service from the beneficiary of the policy up to the total amount of the funeral expense, any excess funds will be paid back to the beneficiary of the policy. Any amount of funeral expenses not covered by the assigned policy must be paid by the family prior to the funeral service.

Credit Card Payment:
Payment can be made in part or in full on your Visa, Master Card, Discover Card or American Express.

Bank Financing:
With prior credit approval a financing plan is available through a local bank.

In the event you choose Credit Card or Financing there may be additional charges representing finance and other charges which may be payable to the applicable financing institution, and not to Seaman – Blanke Funeral Service.

Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements:

Once the funeral service and merchandise has been selected, you will receive a Pre Need Itemized Statement. This statement will outline in detail all the costs in your selections. The costs on the itemized statement are taken directly from our funeral home’s General Price List, and merchandise you have selected. You then have the option of per-payment or no-payment of the funeral plan.

Pre-Payment Option:
Pre-payment of the selected funeral expenses allows you to set aside funds to be used at the time of need for payment of the funeral. The funds are placed in an irrevocable account in your name, thereby setting aside the funds to be used only for your funeral expense. The price of the funeral service and merchandise you selected will be not increase to you or your family.     

No-Payment Option:
Allows you to select the funeral service and merchandise you desire thereby giving your family an insight to your preferences, no funds are set aside for payment of the funeral expenses and the prices may increase with inflation over the years.